Monday, March 14, 2011

Car is on the road!

After just over 7 months the car is back on the road. It's been a long journey (with my level of patience) but it has certainly delivered and exceeded expectations.

Friday was spent frantically trying to finish the car as I was at the workshop without a ride home. Got away late and with a semi finished car I drove away wondering what to expect... A little worried it might not feel different, that it might feel worse, that it would be too uncomfortably loud with basically nothing in the car.

However, I drove down the road the car and within 10 minutes I had a smile from ear to ear. The chassis felt incredible, the steering sharper, the car felt torquer, motor running well after 7 months of neglect and it quite comfortable to drive despite it being a bit muggy.

Straight round to Matt's place to show it off and take a few pics. As you can see the car is absolutely filthy.

Awwhhh... its a vertex ridge party...

Then next day it was off to Unigroup where Matt's car was going back for a touch up tune. Then after that to John at UAS who was keen to see it. In the afternoon I had to go back to the workshop to finish off a few things and fabricate (two threads and all :P <-- AS + WS) a few pieces that we didn't quite finish.

The afternoon of work was rudely interupted by the arrival of a friend of Wayne and Andrew's who has a 400awkw R33 GTR. The next 3 hours were spent 'comparing' the two cars :-P

With only about a 3rd or what I wanted done completed and it getting late it was back to a friends place to help him finish changing his manifold to engine gasket  which had a few hassles and then for a drive in evening.

Up early on sunday and went to breakfast with a few friends who also wanted to see the finished product. Then after that had to rush back to James' place to have the car buffed as it wasn't quite finished. 4.5 hours later it was done.

The car now buffed, it looks a million bucks.

That was a blur of a weekend but very exciting. Still have a few more weekends of work finishing the final touches off that is a relative breeze.

Next step is getting the exhaust lengthened so it stops staining the rear bar.

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