Saturday, August 21, 2010

Removing the sound deadening, a bigger job then expected!!!!

2. Remove all the sound deadening

This is a huge job that honestly takes 20-30 hours to do properly with a really nice finish. Wire brush on the drill bit is the final step to clean up the last of it.

Here goes... First step is to buy dry ice. This is basically frozen CO2. Its surprisingly expensive.

Then you need to get into it. Normally sound deadening is removed from putting dry ice on the surface and then waiting till it freezes and which point it cracks and begins to lift from the metal surface. The s15 you don't get that luxury and the stuff is just nasty to get off. Dry ice helps but not much. Instead you just have to use it to help take the top layer off uncovering the dust bin underneath.

The more people you can attack this with the better. Firstly it makes it more fun and secondly, it means you can take a break and give your hands/wrists a break.

Said dust bin underneath. This stuff is just a nightmoare to get off. You can see the two types of sound deadening used. The areas where it has left a greasy residue is the normal sound deadening found on s13/s14 and the brown area is the newer stuff which is painful.

Areas that are flat are the best place to start as you make progress quickly.

Starting to make some progress on the top level. Size of the job was becoming apparent. When we did a friends s13 180sx it took literally 1/4 of the time to make the same progress as it came off in pizza size chunks. 

Pretty decent bucket worth of sound deadening. We tried to avoid losing any of it so we could accurately measure the weight we'd taken out.

This was not comfortable...

Now comes the fun part - acetone/thinners is about the best thing you can use to get the remainder off without badly scoring the metal (since I plan on paint the inside). This is not very pleasant. Bought a chemical gas mask and it didn't nearly nothing to help.

Starting to see some progress.

Acetone starts to make more of a mess as it breaks the tar down and it begins to smear. Then its a case of taking it off with a new rag. I bought 3 bags of rags to do the job and used all of them.

Now we're talking. That fan wasn't there because it was hot. It was there to stop you going nuts smelling acetone!

This felt as comfortable as it looks.

Was on special so Matt couldn't help himself with Christmas just round the corner.

Open said case of beer to test it was ok.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stripping car down

What has been done so far:

1. Strip car

Milk crate driving shot was used to avoid doing the job that we knew was coming.