Build up contributors

To do this you need some skilled professionals/people

Usually work happens slower than i'd like since it’s a very social ‘workshop’ but its all about having fun with friends…. None of us take ourselves too seriously.......

James (Me) “More power is always the answer”

I reckon I’m alright with tools (tickets on myself we’re cheap ;) ). Been working on cars on weekends for 10 years, 8 years of those on sr20’s. Participating in motorsport encourages you to learn to do it yourself. Feels pretty good when you do it yourself anyway and after a while the only person you trust to do it properly is yourself/friends.

Matt (boxhead) “What mods?”

Pretty damn handy with tools when not feeling lazy. His 5 years in drifting prior to circuit work mean he’s got an answer for everything. His widebody s14 has been part of the inspiration for mine.

Matt (Wheats) “Can you get that in carbon?”

Mr perfectionist who does everything perfectly. Also pretty handy with tools and very particular with doing everything perfectly. His Mitsubishi Evo 6 is a model example of what he’s like… read: perfect.

Martin (Cabs) “Thats what she said"

Martin has no choice but to help! The 100’s of hours I have spent on his 180sx give me right of passage to whore his time. Worked at a few workshops, is definitely very handy to have around.

Arup (SiksII) “How can you spend less?”

Self proclaimed master mechanic although lays a hand on tools less these days compared to years gone by. Is very hand with tools when he’s not feeling lazy.


Wayne & Andrew “Only the best will do”

Mind boggling attention to detail and finish these guys cars could take out a car show before setting new benchmarks at the track. They have offered to help with seam welding/chassis work. Their cars are certainly something to inspire anyone!

Trusty mechanical expert: Andrew (dumhed) “You don’t need to do all of that”
*insert pic*

Mr Versatile should be his name whether its fixing an ecu, fabricating some part or fixing something that nobody thought could possibly be fixed Andrew will find a way. Fixed numerous things I broken easily and with some innovative way of doing it. He runs his own business. Details can be found:

Pete from Bodyform for the widebody

No explanation I think is really needed. His reputation proceeds him.