About Me

Bit about the past

So…. a bit about me. Been into the import scene since 2001. Started going to the track in 2002 in a Mitsubishi Mirage! First good car (2nd car) was an AE86 that was heavily modified, then onto a 180sx, then briefly to the darkside with a wrx which I hated and after that into an 2002 S15 GT.

Spent quite a bit on that but it was always just a nice street car with 200rwkw. Eventually decided it wasn’t fast enough or hardcore enough so I sold it. Briefly then bought a built r33 and a 18 foot bowrider (wakeboarding/skiing is my other passion) to try and get the best of both worlds but couldn’t hack them both being substandard….. So both had to go.

Out with the old in with the new

I wanted a pure driving experience that was light, responsive, sharp, predictable and fun to drive on both the street and particularly on the track. Now I have a daily so the car is only a weekend car and circuit car.

The current s15 I bought 2 years ago with a few mods including FMIC, 2871R, exhaust and PowerFC. Don't have many pictures of when I got the car but you know what that looks like. Here is a few pics from the journey so far.